Welcome to the 2013 Synchronous Pilot!

Thank you for participating in this pilot! This page contains all of the information you need to participate. We are looking for feedback on what works, what doesn't, and what we should change, so when you finish your hack or as you think of things, please leave us a comment in the forum of our feedback page.

TIP: Keep this page, your hacks, the Elements and Attributes Forum and Troubleshooting Forum, and Youtopia open in different tabs so that you can go back and forth!


  1. Read this page.
  2. Go to your wiki page and write a sentence about how you feel about the word "hacking," and how you feel about hacking yourself by editing the page.
  3. Come back to this page by clicking hackjam in the upper left corner and selecting 2013 Synchronous Pilot.
  4. Open a new tab, go to http://hackasaurus.org/en-US/goggles/install/ and install the X-Ray Goggles
  5. Go to a text-based web page like a Google News article or anything else you want to hack, and take a screenshot of the page before hacking it by pressing the print screen button on your keyboard or using the SnipIt tool. Paste the screenshot to your wiki page (below).
  6. Go back to the page you are going to hack and turn on the X-Ray Goggles by clicking on the button in your toolbar.
  7. Hover over any part of the page and click it to change it. Play with the tool.
  8. As you figure out how to change things like text and pictures, come back to this page and post it to the forum.
  9. Check the forums for how to make changes to your page.
  10. Apply for points and badges at https://www.youtopia.com/users/sign_in
  11. Check the forums. Ask and answer questions.
  12. Apply for more points and badges at https://www.youtopia.com/users/sign_in
  13. When you feel like you are done:
    1. Publish your hack by pressing P
    2. Copy the link to your hack and post it to your wiki page (below)
    3. Take a screenshot of your hack by pressing the print screen key on your keyboard, and paste the screenshot to your wiki
  14. Look at other people's hacks and leave feedback and critical comments in the forum on their page.
  15. Continue to hack, post to the forums, and apply for points and badges as much as you like.
  16. Wrap up and prizes!
  17. Leave us comments on what you liked, what needs to change, and other thoughts in the forum on our feedback page.

Hacker Pages

Tags, Elements, and Attributes Forum

The forum is a space to share what you learn as you hack. Please the title of this section and start a new thread or add to an existing one explaining how to change different elements on a webpage. You can share how to change a picture, how to change text, font color, sizing, swapping text for pictures, whatever you can think of. Be creative with your hack and share what you learn!

The more you populate the forums, the more robust your resource will be!

Troubleshooting Forum

If you are having trouble, ask a question in the Troubleshooting Forum. If you have figured something out, go to the forum and help others by answering questions and posting comments. In addition to adding to the resource, you'll also earn points that add up to badges recognizing your accomplishments!

Points and Badges

You can earn points and badges throughout the time you spend hacking! Every time you complete one of the following tasks, go to youtopia.com, sign in, and let us know you completed a challenge! Every time you complete a challenge you can earn more points. You can complete the same challenge more than once.


15 Points: Post 2 tags, elements, or attributes to the Forum
15 points: Use 1 tag, element, or attribute from the Forum
10 points: Give 1 thank you
50 points: Get 1 people to use your tags, elements or attributes; get 1 thank you

10 points: Post 2 questions to the Troubleshooting Forum
15 points: Answer 1 question in the Troubleshooting Forum
15 points: Write 1 comment saying that an answer was useful
50 points: Get 1 comment saying your answer was helpful

Awesome Hacker Badge: Publish and screen capture your hack and post the link and the picture (print to PDF) to your wiki
Critical Commenter Badge: Give two critical comments or feedback to other people's hacks
Bronze Participatory Master Badge: 90 points
Silver Participatory Master Badge: 120 points
Gold Participatory Master Badge: 150 points